Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Spider Sam...

This kid has been such a healing force in our family. He is our "pocket of Joy" as his sis calls him. Always has a hug and a smile. We are all blessed.

My hippie boy!

Daddy wasn't too happy with Ellie for this dress up!

Our ladybug. He's always loved ladybugs.

The boy and his cat. This cat has a funny story actually. He lived in the neighborhood when we moved here just over three years ago. He began to hang around more and more as Sam was toddling outside. Pretty soon he was wanting in the house - we tried to keep him out. One window has no screen and one morning we found him in here with us so the experiment began. He lived with us and with his other family for nearly a year, we would feed him and he would always go outside to potty. This summer we went to see Sunbun's family to make it official. Now he's ours. I mean Sam's.

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